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Heart Writing 101: Step 2

Hello again and Happy February!

Today we are taking the next step in Heart Writing. In case you forgot, in Step 1 we talked about truth, not YOUR truth but your Creator’s truth, God’s truth, the One who KNOWS best. We talked about hearing from Him, finding out what He says. (And just as a side note…if you heard some “truth” like, “You’re a sinner, You’re not good enough, You don’t meet my holy standards, etc”, chances are you may have been hearing your guilty or shameful conscience (or maybe some preacher? Heehee and yikes!) Father God’s truth will be loving and helpful and good (and often when He speaks it hits a deep nerve that connects somewhere beneath the mind. It connects and you KNOW He’s right and you’ve been believing a lie). In fact, you will likely feel a deep emotion.

So, once you’ve connected with this we are on to...


Ready for some new information? Here we go…

This is a big part of Heart Writing, probably one of the most important steps. Before we go there… I just wanted to vent a bit, share some experiences I’ve had and am realizing. Recently I signed up for a class at a small boutique here in my hometown of Greeley, CO. (PS…I’m a fan! Both of Greeley and of Blush Boutique! I love my town, even though it gets made fun of and picked on a lot.) Anyway – the class was called Beauty in Brokenness. I enjoy going to these types of things because I often learn new tools to incorporate. We did a Japanese art form, called Kintsugi at this class. This art form is to take a broken dish and repair it with an epoxy and gold flecks or whatever color. Thus, turning broken things into beautiful things.

Great concept, right? Right! What I want to share and what I so often find is this: any class of a “healing” sort that I take from a place that is not incorporating God into the healing process is just surface. It doesn’t go into the heart to heal or repair, it doesn’t connect the “deep spots” or heal down deep in the heart. If we don’t connect with God and His principles, we can never actually get down to the places that need that healing applied.

We only get a momentary fix.

It’s like giving a band-aid to heal a heart patient. It is shallow healing for something deep in the soul that only gets healed by a touch from the hand of the Creator! So… when we do Heart Writing, we are attending the deep wounds that need the love and touch of His hand. We are convincing our hearts of what our Healer says about us – His truth. Any other truth than His simply isn’t enough to do the healing.


Step 2: The PICTURE.

This step actually has about 3 steps in it so we’ll call them a. b. and c.

  • A) Ask Father this: “How do you see me?” Not when I was young, or whatever you’ve heard before, but how do you see me NOW?

  • B) DON’T GET HUNG UP ON THE LIE THAT YOU CAN’T HEAR GOD! When you ask Him this question, don’t psych yourself out, don’t listen to the lie, don’t get goofy! (I can get goofy so I know you can too. smile.) Just sink down into your gut or your heart and know this: He IS going to tell you and you ARE going to hear! He is always speaking; we just need to get quiet if we want to hear Him. I’ve told you what NOT to do, here’s what to do:

1. Know He WILL answer

2. Know you WILL hear. Tell yourself you WILL hear and go into it with that expectation. That’s called faith, or even better, trust.

  • C) Don’t go in with expectations or put yourself (or God) in a box. Don't over-analyze, second-guess, etc. You may see a dog, an artichoke (it’s true, one of my clients saw exactly that!), or just a color. You may hear a word, a song, a verse, a poem. You might even smell a smell, or have a taste in your mouth, or feel something in your hand. NO EXPECTING God to speak in only one way. Be open!

Quick Review:

A) Ask Father God how he see you. B) Have the expectation you will hear, see, feel, smell, or taste something C) Receive the thing, in what ever way it comes.

Ready, Set, Go!

Feel free to message me about your picture! I’d love to hear!!!

Next step is where it starts to get FUN! (If it isn’t already, heehee.)

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