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This blog is a story about a very recent occurrence in my life and how I dealt with it.

My goal is to share and be real, but even more than that, I hope to give you a practical example of what I so often teach about.


Let me start with this: We live in the country and several times a year we have to deal with strangers pulling into the property and/or parking on the side of the road and wandering onto our property to either: take pictures, pick wild asparagus or who knows what else they think they need to do.

So, I am very aware when someone does that and I will approach them to help them if they are lost, let them know the rules about being on private property or simply help them on their way. smile.

So it happened…

Some stranger pulled up on the side of the road, got out of their vehicle, stepped onto our property and started taking pictures. I didn’t know this person. I was on my way into town so I figured I would just pull up behind him in my vehicle and ask some questions if he didn’t move on. Often all it takes is this… pull up, they see you, they move on. So, I sat there briefly and put on my makeup while I waited to see if he was leaving. About the time I was ready to get out and have a chat, he left.

I ended up following him, not to badger him, but because he was going the same way I was. I took a few pictures of his vehicle and license plate. Then went on my merry way.

Here's where it gets interesting.

I came home and the same vehicle, same guy, was at the same place, and there was another pickup there with him. I decided to park my car and then walk over to chat. He was instantly, shall we say, less than friendly. I was simply checking in to see who he was and what he

was doing. Turns out, he was a neighbor of ours and had a “right”-ish to be there. We still should have been notified they were going to be on our property, but whatever.

I felt like an idiot, to be honest. I didn’t know who he was, and I have always wanted to get along with our neighbors and know them. He had moved in around 8 months ago and I had not yet met him. So… yeah. I felt dumb, he felt mad. I tried to make light of it, he wasn’t having it. He said several things that I quickly informed him were inaccurate in the best way I could and in the kindest way I could.

Still… I felt really bad, and it affected me for a major part of the day. None of the rest of that day went well until I took my own advice (which I give to my clients) and talked to myself out loud about a few things. After which I also journaled a bit.

I reminded myself, out loud and in my car, of what is true!

And as I did that, I heard Father reminding me also. He started the convo with a simple “remember who you are,” and a “remember what I think of you,” because He knew that in the midst of the whole interaction the problem was not the guy, nor the interaction. The problem was that I temporarily thought that guy's opinion of me was what mattered.

It was not.

What matters above some dude I don’t know is the some God I DO know. Father’s opinion of me is more truthful, more accurate, and more important than any ‘Joe Blow’ off the street.

What matters is how HE sees me and what HE says about me. I refuse guilt, shame, and insignificance from just some human when the Creator of the Universe speaks to my core about who I am.

Shame and guilt come when we forget what Father God says about us. We begin to listen to and believe the lies of people around us, we start to place value on others’ opinions instead of the One who made us, and we feel horrible about who we are. When we understand, listen to, and believe Father’s words over us, there is no comparison or guilt or shame or embarrassment.

And this doesn’t mean I need to be hard-headed and unapologetic for my part in things. In fact, it makes me softer and more willing to make things right. While I don’t feel like I was WRONG for trying to protect my property, the security I have makes me absolutely willing to apologize to him for what apparently felt very negative to him.

While I don’t know WHAT he felt or why it was negative for him, I can still apologize because I recognize the negative affects of my actions. Understanding who we are in God’s eyes gives us incredible grace for ourselves and empathy for others. I will be apologizing soon, with a note, with verbal convo, and with cookies.

I carry no shame, because Father is not ashamed of me. He is proud of who I am. I can be as well. I hope this gives you insight into some area of your own life. Remember who you are. Remember how

He sees you!

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  • Samey Jo

Hello again my friends,

We just finished a 3-month series on heart-writing. I hope it was helpful. In case you didn’t realize it, the posts on my Insta and Facebook were connected to that as well. If you want more little tips on heart-writing, go back and look at those posts – they may add ideas for you to use as you write on your heart.

Going forward now…

Let’s talk about our security. Another piece of identity. Have you ever had one of those moments where you over-reacted at the smallest situation? Yeah! Me too! (I always wish you all could hear my tone of voice. This “yeah, me too!” is said with great annoyance at how dumb I have responded and been with certain events in my life. Heehee).

But it’s also good to be able to laugh at myself about those times. Being able to laugh at yourself is one of the first indicators of how secure you are. Pay attention to that. It’s one thing to be able to laugh at yourself in privacy later – this is good, but to be able to laugh at

yourself even in the moment, when everyone else is laughing at you too, this is even better.

Please hear what I’m saying. I’m not talking about laughing at yourself in a mocking way or dismissive way. Nor in a cruel, condescending way. I am talking about seeing the silliness of your own reaction and then being able to laugh with others as you realize your, shall we say, overly dramatic response.

If you can laugh at yourself healthily – in the middle of the situation – that is an indicator of your security.

I have a friend who responds very well to her own silliness as soon as she sees it. She can laugh about it and then even joke about it later. Because I know this friend, I know she is not doing it in a mean way to herself, that would be damaging to your soul. I have another friend who cannot and will not laugh at her silliness because the silliness is tied to her perfection. And when you mess with that, you are messing with her as a person.

Let me expound a bit.

The first friend, let’s call her Penelope (I don’t know anyone named Penelope –

other than my imaginary friend from grade school. I also pulled her out in high school so I

could embarrass my sister in public places :D😁😏) Penelope was and is secure. She has been teased a lot, and I know at times has been hurt. But nonetheless, she has learned the value of who she is APART from her reactions and extreme responses. She knows when she makes mistakes, gets emotional, and feels a bit ‘all over the place’ that she is still valuable and loved by her Creator and by many others.


The second friend, named Scooter (another name I don’t have any connection to… but think it’s hilarious because I can only picture a dog scooting on his butt when I hear it. So we’ll use it because it’s a funny picture and a fun name to say). Scooter is so perfectionistic that she cannot laugh at herself for hardly anything. You see, for her, if she acts foolish, makes a mistake, reacts extremely over anything, it is detrimental to all she is. Her entire self feels rejected to the core. She sees her failure and that is unacceptable to her. She cannot laugh at herself because she is ashamed of herself.

Ashamed. Shame. Guilt.

Shame and guilt tell us we are never good enough. Never mind what Jesus did for us, who God says we are, or what Scripture says! We are never good enough.

The next few months we will talk about this – being secure enough to not be so sensitive and to not give shame or guilt a place in us.

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Hello my lovelies!

It’s March, can you believe it? I’m here to give you step 3 in our Heart Writing Process. This, to me is one of the fun ones! You get to decorate, build new things, draw new things, find new things… We will begin, and you will like it. (That’s not a command, it’s just true. smile.)

Once you have your picture you are well on your way! If you have not gotten a picture for yourself or do not know what I am talking about go back to Heart Writing 101: Step 1 and Step 2.

This is a fairly simple process. What I want you to do is create a picture or find a picture (or five) that

show what you heard from God. Here’s the thing, you can draw it, paint it, or find it on Pinterest or Google! It needs to be something you LIKE looking at because you are going to see it often!

Once you have created it, or found it, you need to find a way to put it before you!

Now… put it before you!

It’s pretty simple. You want to have it in front of you. My suggestion is to find a way to put it in front of you, in your car, by your mirror, by your bed, in the kitchen, etc, etc, etc! Why?

Here’s the reality, the more you see it and connect with it, the more likely it will register in your heart. And getting it to register in your heart until it FEELS REAL is the goal! This is what creates the security of who you are and your surety in it.

The next step in this process is: don’t let your picture become just décor. Let your heart connect to what that picture says, who it’s about and how God sees you!

Agree with Him, connect your heart to the truth!

Begin to claim, believe, agree with and embrace that picture of you!

Now, as you go forward I hope and believe that you are on the beginning pages of getting your heart established in the truth of who you are and what God says about you.

This brings us to the end of this series, and as we head into the next part of the year we will begin to discuss security.

P.S. Just for your information: I have been working on a book for a couple years and I am beginning to think about publishing. YAY! I will keep you all up to date on it ,and I look

forward to having it on my website. You will hear about it when it’s done, trust me!

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