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I’m going cheesy on this post today. Hope you like it. I wanted to write about Independence. Yeah, yeah… I know, of course this is a good topic – being 4th of July and all… (I always hated it when the preachers would preach about moms/wives on Mother’s Day and about dads/husbands on Father’s Day, lol. Just my own annoyance. But here I am doing it on this topic! 😊)

Here is my reason. I think there is much to be said on the subject of Independence when it comes to the life we are called to. First, there are the conversations to be had about being independent, co-dependent, and inter-dependent. Second, there is a discussion to be had about our own ‘power’ when it comes to life and choosing. Third, we can talk for days about freedom.

We will begin with the first thing. I am a fan of independence. I believe there is greatness found in being independent. But there is another side to this. If I am only independent I will never learn how to truly trust my Father or have community in its proper context. The key is learning how to be independent AND interdependent. Too many souls swing to being 100% independent or 100% co-dependent. Neither of these are sufficient in showing us how to do life well. Co-dependence results in chaos and struggle beyond belief. It is co-dependence that brings detriment and failure to relationships. Independence causes us to trust solely on ourselves leading us right down the path to pride, loneliness, potential narcissism and ultimately destruction and failure.

Friends! If we can learn inter–dependence we can experience so much FULLNESS in our lives!

Inside of inter–dependence we gain a full understanding of who WE are, what we bring to a relationship and learning trust; learning how to trust both God and others. We can have safe community, close community, and simultaneously keep our own free will to do what is in our own hearts to do. This leads us straight to … our own power.

When we learn the value of who we are and what we bring to a community we also learn we have the power to CHOOSE. What a beautiful grace we have been given! An opportunity to DECIDE how we will think, process our circumstances, and truly live is in our hands! You may say, “Well that’s where you’re wrong! I didn’t decide or choose __________ (fill in the blank).” Correct. Things come and happen that we did not choose or want or even ever think would happen to us. Trust me! I have experienced this several times over! What still, and always will, remains true is our ability to choose and decide how we react.

There is a movie about the holocaust titled, Jakob the Liar, wherein Jakob is constantly lying about a ‘game they are playing’ to keep encouraging his son through the horrific perils they are facing. It is a profound movie. What I love within this is the idea that no matter our current situation we get to choose our attitudes, our reaction TO the event we are facing.

If my best friend dies, I get to decide how I will live past that. I choose my attitude through it, my response, my own outcome. Do I get to bring her back? No. Do I still go through the grief of loss? For sure. But the ultimate outcome within my own heart I get to choose. And I have. I am embracing much these days. Laughter, Joy, Contentedness – all mine for the choosing.

Finally, understanding this brings me so much FREEDOM! (I know. I said we could talk about this for days and it’s my shortest part. Maybe we’ll get to more about it later. smile.)

I hope and pray you are leaning in to your own independence, inter-dependence and freedom! Life IS Good!

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Hello Readers,

It’s mid-June. This blog was supposed to be done a couple weeks ago. I’m behind. On lots of things. We’re doing many big things all at once. Beginning them all at the same time. And why not? It makes life exciting… or something. smile.

I’ve got 4 pieces of half-done furniture sitting in my garage, waiting for my attention. I’ve got 6 more pieces in the barn looking at me every time I go in there to grab something for my project. I have 4 pieces finished that need little, small things before going on the website (The Barn by the way – if you wanna shop. smile.)

And that’s just one project I’m working on.

The second project is starting Open Fields Church, aka Open Fields Club – smile. The “club” at the end of Open Fields is my own tagline because I want to have a community of people who love Jesus, love each other, and love adventure and fun. It is anything but your typical church.

The third project -- I’m still in process of writing my book – which I thought was ready to go to the Editor and realized in review that it needs some adjustments before that step can happen. So, this makes me feel like I am way behind where I wanted to be. I had hopes that 2022 would be the publication year. But I will be surprised if I get there.

But now… here I am, writing to YOU! Yay!

I am doing a fair bit of study on the topic of healing. I am loving it and as I study, I see this truth more and more. Healing is Father’s will, every time, all the time! You may ask how I can say this as you know so many people who have asked for healing, believed to be healed, wanted healing desperately and have not experienced it. Oh Sweet One – me too! I know people who have died believing God for healing. I am here still missing them so deeply. I know people who are currently struggling in their sickness. I know people who are in chronic pain wanting nothing more than to be healed.

It is hard.

So how can I say it is the Father’s will for us when we are not experiencing it? There are so many reasons I know it is His will, and they are all found in the Word. But for now I’m going to give you the most BASE reason I believe this:

Let’s go visit Eden. Our Creator decides to make a Garden, a beautiful place in which to place His beloveds. He creates an entire world just for us! It is rich with fruit, vegetables, animals, trees, flowers, oceans, rivers, mountains… on and on this world goes. Amazing beauty created for us! Nothing missing, nothing broken. Ah Eden! I can’t wait to see it in its’ original form, and I truly hope I will.

But think of it… not ONE terrifying animal, not ONE broken thing, not ONE germ. This astounds me. Not. One. Germ. Nothing to make us sick in any way. In fact, scientific studies from days before the great flood in Noah’s day show that the oxygen levels were so pure and so perfect things (plants, people, and animals) grew with extravagance, thrived beyond belief.

Here's the revelation, in case you aren’t getting it, Father created the world exactly the way He wanted it! Perfect! Nothing missing, nothing broken. Think of it. Perfection! This is His heart, His desire and His plan for us. Eden. His plan, His heart, and His desire for us is seen here!

Let me close with this… I’d love for you to open to the truth of healing because we see it all over the Word, because it is Father’s heart for us, and because how silly to base our belief about any topic on people’s experiences. When we do this, we are dismissing so much. If we are “believers,” let's base our believing on what is in the scriptures rather than on experiences. Just open your heart… there are answers to be found. I want to continue to discuss healing and ‘proof’ that it is His love for us. This will help you if you open your mind and your heart to truly hear. Set all the unknowns and unexplained on the shelf while you just investigate the possibility.

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This blog is a story about a very recent occurrence in my life and how I dealt with it.

My goal is to share and be real, but even more than that, I hope to give you a practical example of what I so often teach about.


Let me start with this: We live in the country and several times a year we have to deal with strangers pulling into the property and/or parking on the side of the road and wandering onto our property to either: take pictures, pick wild asparagus or who knows what else they think they need to do.

So, I am very aware when someone does that and I will approach them to help them if they are lost, let them know the rules about being on private property or simply help them on their way. smile.

So it happened…

Some stranger pulled up on the side of the road, got out of their vehicle, stepped onto our property and started taking pictures. I didn’t know this person. I was on my way into town so I figured I would just pull up behind him in my vehicle and ask some questions if he didn’t move on. Often all it takes is this… pull up, they see you, they move on. So, I sat there briefly and put on my makeup while I waited to see if he was leaving. About the time I was ready to get out and have a chat, he left.

I ended up following him, not to badger him, but because he was going the same way I was. I took a few pictures of his vehicle and license plate. Then went on my merry way.

Here's where it gets interesting.

I came home and the same vehicle, same guy, was at the same place, and there was another pickup there with him. I decided to park my car and then walk over to chat. He was instantly, shall we say, less than friendly. I was simply checking in to see who he was and what he

was doing. Turns out, he was a neighbor of ours and had a “right”-ish to be there. We still should have been notified they were going to be on our property, but whatever.

I felt like an idiot, to be honest. I didn’t know who he was, and I have always wanted to get along with our neighbors and know them. He had moved in around 8 months ago and I had not yet met him. So… yeah. I felt dumb, he felt mad. I tried to make light of it, he wasn’t having it. He said several things that I quickly informed him were inaccurate in the best way I could and in the kindest way I could.

Still… I felt really bad, and it affected me for a major part of the day. None of the rest of that day went well until I took my own advice (which I give to my clients) and talked to myself out loud about a few things. After which I also journaled a bit.

I reminded myself, out loud and in my car, of what is true!

And as I did that, I heard Father reminding me also. He started the convo with a simple “remember who you are,” and a “remember what I think of you,” because He knew that in the midst of the whole interaction the problem was not the guy, nor the interaction. The problem was that I temporarily thought that guy's opinion of me was what mattered.

It was not.

What matters above some dude I don’t know is the some God I DO know. Father’s opinion of me is more truthful, more accurate, and more important than any ‘Joe Blow’ off the street.

What matters is how HE sees me and what HE says about me. I refuse guilt, shame, and insignificance from just some human when the Creator of the Universe speaks to my core about who I am.

Shame and guilt come when we forget what Father God says about us. We begin to listen to and believe the lies of people around us, we start to place value on others’ opinions instead of the One who made us, and we feel horrible about who we are. When we understand, listen to, and believe Father’s words over us, there is no comparison or guilt or shame or embarrassment.

And this doesn’t mean I need to be hard-headed and unapologetic for my part in things. In fact, it makes me softer and more willing to make things right. While I don’t feel like I was WRONG for trying to protect my property, the security I have makes me absolutely willing to apologize to him for what apparently felt very negative to him.

While I don’t know WHAT he felt or why it was negative for him, I can still apologize because I recognize the negative affects of my actions. Understanding who we are in God’s eyes gives us incredible grace for ourselves and empathy for others. I will be apologizing soon, with a note, with verbal convo, and with cookies.

I carry no shame, because Father is not ashamed of me. He is proud of who I am. I can be as well. I hope this gives you insight into some area of your own life. Remember who you are. Remember how

He sees you!

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