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What perfect timing!

Here we are, here the New Year is, and so it begins… a brand new chance for your life to change! YESSSSS! smile.

Last month I told you we would be talking about Heart Writing – at least through March – maybe longer. Today is the very first blog about how to write on your heart. This practice is truly what has made me able to live so well despite people being hurtful, circumstances being downright hard, and those life-sucking moments we all experience simply because we are human beings.

Reality: sometimes life sucks! Truth: we can thrive!

Today: STEP 1 - Truth.

Here’s why this matters. We are given messages all the time, some we assume, some we interpret, some are very clearly spoken. The key is this, will you allow those messages to be written in your heart or will you FIRST find out what’s true and then follow that? The catch is – how will we know what’s true? We are often told things that we agree with and see as true. In fact, our own little minds will sabotage us and tell us things that we will agree with and believe about ourselves when the truth is something COMPLETELY different – perhaps even opposite. So how do I know what’s true?

This is where believing in God – Creator of the Universe – the Almighty – you know… the Big Guy (smile) comes into play. If you are not a believer in Him, I truly don’t know where you will find truth. The popular phrase these days is to “live your truth.” This is all well and good until your truth is not the truth. And that happens. All. The. Time!

When I was young, I was “holy.”

I was nice. I was right. I was a saint. (In other words – I was self-righteous.) Yet… it was never enough, and I never felt accepted by anyone really. I was only accepted when I was good enough, when I behaved. And when I believed I had to tow the line, do everything right to be loved, I was weighed down by religion. This created sadness, lack of confidence, and tremendous weight. My heart hurt because: I was never good enough. And this was the lie I believed: I am never enough.

Stick with me…

It is true; I could never be good enough on my own. But it was a lie because I already WAS good enough BECAUSE I WAS IN CHRIST. He loved me because of WHO HE IS, NOT BECAUSE OF MY GOOD WORKS.

This was the truth I needed! What did God say about me? I was righteous! This truth meant I could live a free life, rather than a slave life. (Read Galatians for more on this!)

Ephesians 6 talks about standing strong, being grounded and amazing, and the first step is the belt of truth. We’ve gotta know TRUTH to keep our pants up!!! smile.

Now – when it comes to heart-writing, the first step is Truth. What does God say about YOU? I’m not only talking about scriptures (though that is needed). Do you feel guilty, or incapable, or insecure? Maybe you think you are weak, alone, or a bad wife/mom. What is the current message you believe about you?

Take that one thing and go to Him and ask: What is the truth?

Step 1: What is true? Lean in and listen my friend!

Get His truth! More soon…

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  • Samey Jo

What's to come in the next several blog posts:

I wanted to share what my next blogs are going to look like and be about. From now through March of 2022 I want to write about YOU. smile.

You may be thinking, “How could you write about me? Do you even know me?” Perhaps I know you a small bit or perhaps I have never met you. Yet – I intend to write about you… and me. Yes, I think in writing about me and my story you may learn things that will help you in yours.

So, I will write about “us.”

I’m a coach. I like my job and I think I’m good at it. I’ve been doing this for about 4 years now (not to mention the mentoring and counseling I’ve done for over 30

years as a youth pastor, missionary, and minister). I’m finding my groove and my “mission” within this job. I’m learning a tiny bit about how people work and how to shift our lives.

But then... I’ve been working on myself for a whole lot longer! And in this process, I’ve learned how to write things on my heart so it becomes more than just head knowledge or information (I’m sure you have realized how information

and knowledge alone does not change things).

My heart is to help myself and everyone – literally everyone – to learn who they are and their personal value, so they are equipped for whatever comes their (our) way.

Did you know you can become so secure that you cannot be embarrassed, humiliated, self-conscious, proud, angry, inferior, “less than” or even rejected?

It’s true.

As you establish your identity, you become so strong and empowered that while you feel the potential for these things, you can quite literally be at peace even when bad things happen, conflict comes, or relationships seem to fall apart.

This doesn’t mean you don’t experience a prick of the pain or rejection or anger or loss… it simply means you have the tools to remember who you are and your value within every difficult situation. Your heart, once written on, becomes so settled that you quickly regain the peace of who you are.

Now, because identity is a journey, we are always on the “learning path.” Yet, we can become established and peaceful in these arenas.

THIS is my goal as a coach, to get people so certain and established that they can feel that (insert your default feelings of insecurity here) and then quickly remember who they are in order to take the next right actions to heal.

Side note: understand there is a point we can heal others with our words and a separate point wherein they are responsible for their own hearts and healing.

Perhaps the next right action means an apology, an admission of guilt, even restitution – but once you are secure, you find out it’s okay to be wrong and make mistakes and still

accept yourself because you are accepted by the Almighty God.

I’m not suggesting we ever become the ugly “you-can’t-judge-me-because-I’m-perfect-beautiful-and-right-and…” type. We’ve all seen these people on talk shows, reality shows, and real life. These people are brash and harsh, never correctible, or empathetic. Never truly secure and loving. They are the fool that Proverbs talks about (Proverbs

18:2-3, 18:13, 20:3, and so much more).

I trust this is not you, my sweet reader. smile.

Now then, let this just be a simple introduction to what is “to come” over the next few months. Having said all of this, what I will be sharing is how to write the truth on your heart.

This is a chance for you to receive “free coaching!” These little tidbits you will read about are small doses of what I give my clients to help them find their identity and get it written on their hearts as though writing on stone – never to be removed or lost.

Welcome to “Heart Writing 101!”

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  • Samey Jo

Hello Holy Tribe.

Today, a very real blog…

I wanted to write, honestly, for myself. I need to unload and this is one of my favorite ways to do so.

So….you all get to be “in on my brain” here. (Try not to be scared. smile.)

The last four weeks have been, shall we say, an adventure? We started out the New Year at Disney World with the whole family (hubby, kids, and granddaughter). It was delightful! It’s so great to be part of a family that doesn’t need to fight. We truly just enjoyed each other, the food, the rides, etc. It was uplifting, emotionally fulfilling and straight up just fun.

Now, the downside was our dear friend was at home, sick in the hospital. This stayed in my heart while we were there. I prayed often and deeply for his wife and family – and I still am… He had been in the hospital since early December and leaving on this trip felt a little “off” because... how is it fair to have fun when those I love are struggling? But here we were. We got home January 9, our friend passed on January 14 and we had a conference (in which I was teaching) January 15-17. His service was on Jan. 19. So much sadness and loss.

In the month of January I went from such fun highs to such deep lows. So much sheer pleasure to so much painful grief.

Our friend was only 55.

Today, news came of my hubby testing positive for the very thing that ended the life of my ‘brother’ who passed.

Exactly 4 weeks of elation and grief and news of what could bring lots of fear.

Whoa. Hold on my Sweet Heart. You are brave and strong and beautiful. Capable to feel it all. You neither have to feel guilt for the fun, nor full despair over the loss because you do not grieve as one without hope – even when it really hurts. You have nothing to fear because you are surrounded by perfect love. And here – in perfect love – there is no fear. You, dear love, are filled with the life of Jesus – literally HE is IN you and WITH you.

I love His WITHNESS!

You are overflowing with the love He has poured into you. And you are loaded with Light that creates and continues to create. It is safe to feel. It is safe to rest. It is safe to connect with Father’s heart. He is for you.

It’s easy to feel numb after such extremes, or to feel depressed and desperate. Those feelings are ok. As David said in his poetry, “Why are you so downcast, Oh my soul? Put your hope in God for I will yet praise Him.”

It’s good to feel – pain, numbness, loss, joy, failure, beauty, hope, life, and death. These are all the things that make us human and that make life GOOD. The catch is not to get stuck in them. He came for life and abundant life. Life that is unlike what many simply do not have.

What’s important? FEEL. Release. Trust. Embrace every single moment. AND – become childlike….free, full of life, laughter, lightheartedness.

If I cannot experience childlike hope, trust, and joy – my focus on the Lover of my soul has been lost.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go buy a sucker, find a swing, and be a child trusting.

Much love, y’all. Whatever you’re doing today – don’t forget to PLAY and be that kid with not a care in the world!!! smile. We are LIVING WITH HIM.

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