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Heart Writing 101: Step 1

What perfect timing!

Here we are, here the New Year is, and so it begins… a brand new chance for your life to change! YESSSSS! smile.

Last month I told you we would be talking about Heart Writing – at least through March – maybe longer. Today is the very first blog about how to write on your heart. This practice is truly what has made me able to live so well despite people being hurtful, circumstances being downright hard, and those life-sucking moments we all experience simply because we are human beings.

Reality: sometimes life sucks! Truth: we can thrive!

Today: STEP 1 - Truth.

Here’s why this matters. We are given messages all the time, some we assume, some we interpret, some are very clearly spoken. The key is this, will you allow those messages to be written in your heart or will you FIRST find out what’s true and then follow that? The catch is – how will we know what’s true? We are often told things that we agree with and see as true. In fact, our own little minds will sabotage us and tell us things that we will agree with and believe about ourselves when the truth is something COMPLETELY different – perhaps even opposite. So how do I know what’s true?

This is where believing in God – Creator of the Universe – the Almighty – you know… the Big Guy (smile) comes into play. If you are not a believer in Him, I truly don’t know where you will find truth. The popular phrase these days is to “live your truth.” This is all well and good until your truth is not the truth. And that happens. All. The. Time!

When I was young, I was “holy.”

I was nice. I was right. I was a saint. (In other words – I was self-righteous.) Yet… it was never enough, and I never felt accepted by anyone really. I was only accepted when I was good enough, when I behaved. And when I believed I had to tow the line, do everything right to be loved, I was weighed down by religion. This created sadness, lack of confidence, and tremendous weight. My heart hurt because: I was never good enough. And this was the lie I believed: I am never enough.

Stick with me…

It is true; I could never be good enough on my own. But it was a lie because I already WAS good enough BECAUSE I WAS IN CHRIST. He loved me because of WHO HE IS, NOT BECAUSE OF MY GOOD WORKS.

This was the truth I needed! What did God say about me? I was righteous! This truth meant I could live a free life, rather than a slave life. (Read Galatians for more on this!)

Ephesians 6 talks about standing strong, being grounded and amazing, and the first step is the belt of truth. We’ve gotta know TRUTH to keep our pants up!!! smile.

Now – when it comes to heart-writing, the first step is Truth. What does God say about YOU? I’m not only talking about scriptures (though that is needed). Do you feel guilty, or incapable, or insecure? Maybe you think you are weak, alone, or a bad wife/mom. What is the current message you believe about you?

Take that one thing and go to Him and ask: What is the truth?

Step 1: What is true? Lean in and listen my friend!

Get His truth! More soon…

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