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About Me

Hey guys! Welcome! Let me introduce myself… You may as well know what you’re getting into here. smile. I’m a personal coach, speaker, and freedom lover! My life consistently comes back to being Free, Fearless, and Full of Faith. I have not “arrived” in all these areas but these are part of my core values.


Through my experiences of travel, tremendous loss, depths of relationship almost indescribable, I’ve come in contact with all kinds of emotion, ups and downs, and face to face with JOY and FEAR.


I love journaling, art, music, productions, teaching annnddd... Water!... in pretty much any form: Ocean, Lake, River. 


I am married, have two amazing grown children, two beautiful children-in-love, and one granddaughter. Without my family – only God Himself knows what kind of crazy I would be. Finally, all these loves come down to my heart for my Father. 


Now then, as for you… I’m passionate about you. I love people and I deeply, truly, want to help people do life WELL! How are you doing in this LIFE thing? I hope your journey is going great and if it isn’t, I hope you find hope and help and truth here. Big love to you all. Stick around….it’s gonna be fun! 

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