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When the Armor Comes Off, Part 2

If you haven’t read the last blog you may want to just to catch up with this one.

Coming home from the perfectly perfect beach, I found myself wondering, “can I continue the things I have learned here at home? Can I keep being tender and soft and strong all at the same time? Can I continue to have time with Father in the midst of my regular schedule?” I’m not gonna lie, there was a fair bit of grief leaving that beauty and sun to come back to a new, but needed schedule. I cried coming home because I wanted to just stay where I was. And I feared that I might disappoint myself and fall back into my old, guarded state.

Coming back home seemed like a thing that was going to rob me of what I had gained. But then I was reminded of my power. This, my friend, is what I want to remind you of – YOUR power.

We live in a world that is ever in our face handing us things to fear, things to dread, things to worry about… and we feel overwhelmed, helpless, defeated. But what is true? Not true, but TRUE. True according to your Father? What is that Truth?

You HAVE BEEN given everything you need pertaining to life (II Pete 1). You ARE more than a conqueror (Romans 8). You CAN do all the things that you need to (Philippians 4). You have been stolen from, BUT you have also BEEN GIVEN life, no, ABUNDANT LIFE (John 10). Does this sound like you? Does it sound like how you feel about life? Does it feel REAL?

But this is where it all comes down to simplicity.

2 simple things:

1. What do you really believe about you?

2. What do you really believe about Him?

The word “believe” is about what you mentally acknowledge AND about what you do BECAUSE you believe. Your actions, words, and inner thoughts expose what you truly believe. If there is belief, there naturally follows a ‘doing’. And the ‘doing’ is not about doing in order to get approval from God, nor is it about ‘doing’ to prove something to someone else or yourself. Your ‘doing’ should be the action of your belief.

My realization of coming back home is this: Coming home is easily done – when you truly know what HOME is. And the only thing I need to make “it” happen is the realization that those promises I listed above are TRUE; they are TRUE for me. All I have to do is settle these things in my heart as truth.

I know this sounds like I’m oversimplifying, but the gospel is simple. Grab ahold sweetheart. These truths are for you, they are for any who will believe. Life is yours for the taking – Abundant Life is yours – free, available, YOURS. So go ahead and live, and, while you’re doing it, do it abundantly, because that is what is sitting in front of you, waiting for you to take hold of.

Live. Live with power and hope and fulfillment. Come back home.

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