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Welcome to Your New Year

What a gift this year is.

We have all had loss and pain and difficulties over the past few years and I always remind myself and now want to remind you: LIFE IS PRECIOUS!

We have been given a sweet gift. We must remember this when we are facing trauma, grief, and anxiety. When we have bad attitudes and pain, when we act like spoiled children or are truly struggling – life is a gift.

Why does this matter? It is the vital part of living with grace and joy. When we can see it as a gift – even when there’s no sun, the days are dark and gloomy, winter seems long – we can embrace the value in it and find the simple things to be thankful for. We can hold out hope for what we desire and find joy in a simple moment. These things: thankfulness, hope, and trust bring out our best.

So, pause for a minute and no matter the current “temperature” of your day, the current weather of your life – pause here – what are you deeply thankful for?

And here, pause to contemplate what you will hold tightly to hope for. Will you hold onto hope for your friend or family member, for your next year, for your job… what will you take ahold of hope for and can you hold onto hope no matter what?

Finally, where will you place your trust? Will you trust the economy? Maybe you will trust your friend? Or perhaps your family? Will you lean in and trust food to be the answer? The weather changing? I don’t know how you feel but most of these, if not all, will fail us.

There is one place to put our trust and that is… Yes! You already know. Put your hope in Jesus – the anchor for our souls!

Put your trust in Him and EXPECT, with your mind and imagination, good things. Expect to see the goodness of the Lord. Look for it, don’t just wait for the “some day” that it’s coming. Believe that it is here today and now for you and LOOK for it. You will SEE if you will EXPECT to see.

May you be blessed this 2023 year with all the things you hope for and are trusting for. And while you may have to wait a bit or maybe aren’t seeing the things you desire – keep being thankful for all that you already have!

Much love to each of you. We are walking out this journey and this gift together. I’m in it with you and we are not on our own!

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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