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We Fail

Hello again my friends!

Every month when I write this blog, I wonder what it is you are going through. I wonder how your life is and what are the things that will most impact your heart. I want to bring encouragement and hope, love and peace, joy and trust. These are all big words that matter to our lives in so many ways.

This being the month of love I decided to write about that a bit. All of us want it. All of us literally need it. Not one person can live a good life without its’ presence with them. We are made for LOVE. In my darkest moments throughout my life, my deep heart cry has been to love well and to be loved. I think most of us have had moments of loneliness and desire to be ‘better loved’. From talking to clients and people over a span of many years now the hunger I have found to be consistent is that of hunger to be loved.

The desire for being loved and having someone to love is natural.

We are all created for this. Most of us are trying to fulfill that with humans. Most of us are failing at that. Failing at fulfilling ourselves in our desperation to be loved. Failing to find “the one” who will love us the way we want and need to be loved. So, if we were created to be loved and we are failing at being loved, what’s the problem and how do we “fix” it?

Prepare yourself.

Jesus is the answer. Smile. I know you know this. I also know most of you are annoyed as you read this – likewise – I am annoyed as I write this. Heehee. I can feel you rolling your eyes. I can hear your attitudes. And no condemnation because I have the same ones. But the truth is we simply cannot be fulfilled by another human. It just doesn’t work. Why? Because humans fail. We cannot love as well as we should and we miss it. We say mean things, we lose our temper, we fail to see what the person we truly care about needs. We fail.

God however – our Father, Creator – never fails. He doesn’t just say He loves us, He truly – madly – deeply loves us. Jesus gave His life – our Friend and Brother – showed us His love for us. He PROVED His love. Not only that, He proves even now that He can and does love us exactly the way we want and need to be loved.

You may be saying, “Well then why don’t I feel it?” Here’s the reality: You can put yourself in a place of quietness and peace where you can feel it. You can draw so close and so near that you FEEL and EXPERIENCE His love in a real way.

If you have not I want to invite you to try it.

Find a meditation, a place, your favorite nature spot and just sit. Invite Him to love you and then imagine yourself “on a date” with Him – imagine your heart being deeply touched and impacted – imagine Him holding you, counseling you, whatever feels like love to you…. My friend, He will come through for you because YOU were MADE for LOVE! (For further help or advice feel free to reach out. I’m just an email away).

Happy FEBRUARY – go ahead – be loved. He will never fail you.

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