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Strong & Courageous

What does it mean to be strong and courageous?

We have ideas of strength that are faulty and even more faulty ideas of courage. We see famous people that are strong and bold and ‘out there,’ but do you know what strength and courage is for you?

Strength: the capacity of an object or substance (i.e. YOU) to withstand great force or pressure.
Courage: the ability to do something that frightens one.

The phrase we find in Joshua 1:9 which reads, “Be strong and courageous!” could be stated thus: “Be able to withstand force and pressure! And be willing to do what scares you.” If we can grab ahold of this, it WILL change the way we live. (Side note: Those of you who talk to me about being free – this is a big part of that! Learn to believe what this Bible we say we believe in says, rather than just looking at it as though it’s a “nice book”). What if you would just KNOW you CAN withstand the force, the pushing, the pressure of all the things that come to you? Because, apparently you can. If we could not, we would not have been told to. You can handle the forceful ‘molding’ that life brings. You CAN “handle” it AND let it go all at once. Now – here’s the thing, that doesn’t mean overcommitting, agreeing to too much in your calendar, fulfilling everyone else’s wishes for you, doing all the obligations just to prove you are Superman or Wonder Woman. All of that is just being foolish, that is NOT being strong!!!

Use your God-given wisdom.

The second part says be courageous. In other words, be willing to do what scares you. I read a quote the other day that said this: “Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you’re scared to death.” Notice it does not say you must not be afraid. It says, be willing to do what scares you. Despite your fear, do it. Be afraid, but do it. Be able to withstand and know that you are going to be formed by the hard things that you are facing.”

It also does not say, “these hard, terrible things should just be accepted and ‘deal with it’ and ‘suck it up, buttercup.’” Of course, there are times to suck it up, put on your grown-up pants and get through it. But that does not mean dismissing the promises of God and thinking that is the way to handle the difficulties.


When hard things happen to us or when we are asked to do something that terrifies us, or the pressures seem too much, we believe the promises from our Father AND we withstand that force and pressure --and we do the things that scare us. Embrace the promises, hold tight to them. Be who you are meant to be – strong and courageous and live in the middle of the hard stuff! You can, and you will, if you but try!

Much love to you my friends!!! Strength and Courage is the call of the seasons and days we are in or those yet to come.

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