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Small Hinges

Every month as I sit before this blank screen I think about what to write that will leave a mark. It may be that it leaves a bruise, a scratch, or a lipstick kiss – and I am okay with any of these marks, but I never want to write and have it only brush past you as though a stranger passing through the open door you have held for them. It is important for you (and me) to spend our time on things to refresh, heal, or add to our souls.

So, here we go…

Moving onward, dear brothers (I use this terminology intentionally – perhaps another day I will explain, but for now – male or female be okay with this. There is a skill and value in being able to connect yourself to the role needed in the moment. And now that you’re sufficiently intrigued I will leave this here so as to pique your interest for the future blog on gender. smile.)

Moving on, dear brothers… Will you take the moment you are facing right this minute and do something different than you would normally do? There is a saying I’ve shared with you before, “small hinges swing big doors,” which is to say, if you make small choices over and over again it will open big things up for you. In this moment I’m asking you to use a small hinge – a quick choice – to read this blog with a different choice, the choice of DOING what is proposed rather than just READING about what is proposed.

1. Grab your calendar. Look at the week before you. Put on your child brain for a moment – you know the one that finds fun, the one that can be pouty, that kid that is moved by feelings. (Don’t freak out, stick with me…)

2. Pay attention. When that child looks at your calendar for the next week, what do you hear from him? Is he super happy about some things? Is he yelling at the things he hates? What does he whine about? What does he say about the things he wants to do, and what of the events he doesn’t want to do? Just listen for a bit…let him be rude, whiny, obnoxious, happy, playful, sarcastic, funny.

3. Choose. Now, having sufficiently listened, what can you be strong about? How can you be courageous? This will be a variety of things! Maybe that appointment is needed but dreaded – decide to embrace the value it holds and do it with grace. Perhaps that coffee date is only an obligation and will not be life-giving, the strength it may take you to cancel that could be completely worth it! And a chance to prove you can say no. Or what if where you perceive someone needing you, you could say no this time, and give them the opportunity to find their healing within; maybe they will run to Father if you are unavailable and there will be life found there for them.

4. Say Yes. After cancelling the things that are only some weird obligation (not obligation in your heart, but obligation in culture or your head), add something. Decide to do something that you love, that refreshes your soul; something that is simply fun for you.

My suggestion is that it may be time to listen to that inner voice, that inner child. You could find strength and courage in saying no, in doing something different than you normally would; perhaps by choosing “no” and saying “yes” you find the peace you have been longing for.

My hope is that you will try this, just for this next week. Then abundantly finding rest and peace…you could use this oh so simple technique to shift your entire life.

Maybe this one little hinge is one giant door swing for the rest of your life.

Just maybe.

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