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Relationship - The Giant Word!

Everyone has had at least one, is just done with one, or is about to start one. We experience all different types and we all have had good and bad and neutral relationships. Where are you at with yours right now – all of them…. Friendship, family, lover, and with Father?

Are you at peace with them? Do you wish for more? What do you believe you bring to them? And they to you? (P.S. I’m asking you to actually take the time to consider them and answer these questions. If we aren’t intentionally approaching each relationship with some thought and purpose, we will just randomly get whatever and later find out what we got was never what we wanted. We must be purposeful.)

So, consider these questions and after you have thought through it and taken some quick notes, lets consider the next steps: 1. What would you change if you could? 2. What do you want to do differently? 3. Look specifically at your relationship with Father God. What are you missing there? Maybe – like many – you feel like you are not diligent there and/or wish that relationship was stronger? Let’s consider a few things on a very practical note.

First, what do YOU like to do? When you get to pick a date, or you have some alone time, what kinds of things do you opt for? (Make a list). Second, how could you make this apply to your relationship with Father? Maybe I’m simple but if it’s something I like to do on a date with my hubby I figure why not do it with Him? Why not let my time of devotions be more than the Bible and worship music and prayer? Not that those things are not awesome! But what if we also incorporated other aspects of life? Why not take a road trip with Him? Or go to the lake with Him? Take a walk with Him? Do you see where I’m going here?

We often feel like the only thing we can do is worship or read the Bible or pray… but if you had a relationship with any other soul and you went on a date and it was always the same…I’m guessing you would quickly want out. And/or feel like it was the most boring relationship ever. I wonder if Father sometimes feels that way with us. So my suggestion here is to broaden your relationship. Find some other things to do together that you both love – especially if you feel your relationship has gone stale! And if you try something new and it doesn’t work, try it again or try something else. Switch it up – just like you would with some human. Connect with Him – in whatever way you can, and enjoy! He wants to have fun and connect with you in many ways!

This is such a practical, simple message – but I believe it will help you develop your connection to Father!

Love Him and put yourself in position to be loved by Him.

Love to you my friends.

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