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Fighting for Rest

Hello Friends!

Been thinking…

What if I give it all? What if I choose a life from rest? What if I choose me?

I haven’t written a blog since March 2020, yes, it’s been a while. One of the things I decided in April or May was to do the things that feel life-giving when it comes to my website. I had been doing blogs and posts and such as some sort of business strategy, not a bad thing at all. But I have decided if there’s no joy in it to not kill valuable time doing it. This decision, in itself, has been life-giving. I have saved time and realized how much I was doing in lots of areas of life that didn’t feel life-giving. I know for some of you more driven friends, this may sound concerning. Yet I wonder… what would happen if you did this in your life?

No, really, I’m asking …. What would happen?

I know there are a lot of “well, what if…” and “you can’t…” and “ain’t nobody gonna be successful like that” happening in your head right now. Some of you reading this may be sputtering all sorts of sentence fragments and maybe even a few choice words. Take a breath. Consider.

If, instead of laying down your entire life for your husband/wife and your kids and your boss and your friends, you chose you? What if you chose some downtime to just do what you wanted?

Essentially, I’m saying what if you do what Jesus did?

Our culture tells us to run, be busy, do all the things to climb that ladder. Our religion tells us to serve, sacrifice, and lay down our lives for everyone else. Our friends and family tell us they need us, all in different ways.

Jesus says, “Come away, labor to enter into rest” (which is to say fight and work hard to make time for you and me). You realize the same religion that says sacrifice and serve is built on the ONE who withdrew, who went to quiet places, who had time alone, yes? This preaching of serving each other should also include the preaching of rest --choosing time for you, choosing quiet time and places of rest.

When we run ragged, there is no joy in serving. It becomes a drudge and a dread. Doing the things that bring life and joy HELP YOU serve with JOY AND ENERGY!

My question is this: What if you took such impeccable care of yourself that you were able to serve from joy and energy?

This seems the better way to live. Acting like Jesus. This isn’t selfish. This is love!

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