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Dance Like No One is Watching!

Health Coaching tip: Dancing literally throws stress off you.

Everything dances, but not everyone does…. So then, will you?

Walking through the airport on one of my constant visits, I was in a bit of a rush. I was thinking about getting to the gate, getting through security, what will the team I’m going to train be like…. Not stressing out but also not relaxing. Suddenly, across my path is a guy somewhere in his early 20’s. He, unlike me, is obviously not thinking. I know for some of you NOT THINKING is a problem but ….Pause here… He is not thinking because he IS dancing. (This alone is worth scooting your perspective a bit.) He’s not paid to do this, he’s not a dancer by trade, not working a routine or practicing for the next show.

Some of you right here are saying to yourselves: “I hate that. Those people are so annoying and inconsiderate and paying no attention!” I would say, “Stop being so old.” We need these people, we need the free ones once in a while. These are the ones who add life to the moments. They are willing to look foolish, find joy in a moment of boring waiting, and enjoy life. (I am not suggesting complete oblivion to where you are and those around you, I AM suggesting that we learn to be free-er than we are.)

This guy immediately brightened my day because he was unwilling to be sucked in to status quo, unwilling to fit in our cultural lines, free to enjoy himself in the middle of the airport and not be bothered about my thoughts of him. I quickly thought: Aww, I love that. I should do that. Dance my way through the day.

Friends – we need to dance MORE, in MORE places, at MORE times, in MORE ways, with MORE joy.

If we dance and look foolish we add to our own freedom….If you will dance in public, in the most uncomfortable places I promise it WILL bring you into more freedom. If you want to be free – dance. And if you’ll dance in public you’ll find even more freedom. Trust me.

PS – those of you who love scriptures – we are told to dance. The reality is there is an actual release of burdens when you dance. Your body can truly be lighter and your soul can find peace and release in dancing. There’s a reason we are told to dance – it’s because Father loves us and wants us to be free. (Perhaps you will let the Word get in the way of what you have previously believed?)

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