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Best Christmas Ever?

Hello My Friends!

I hope this finds you all well.

My prayers are always for hope, peace, joy, and abundant life for each of you! It’s the Holiday Season – so woop de doo and…. Heehee – I don’t know all the lyrics. But think of it! Right here, right now is an opportunity to do Christmas differently than you ever have. This year, 2022, is a chance to make it the best Christmas ever. Not by how much you buy, nor how well you decorate your house. Not for the goodies you bake or the way you work so tirelessly for your family. No. This is a chance, a brand new month and season to create a whole new way to approach the hope we have, the life that was born, the joy of the days ahead.

Maybe you’re feeling depressed or alone. Maybe you have little hope or little joy for this year. My dear friend, I am here to tell you one thing – YOU CAN HAVE A BEAUTIFUL, HOPEFUL, JOYOUS CHRISTMAS YEAR. No. Matter. What your circumstances are. How can I say this?!? Christmas is inside of you. It lives there. It is in your heart, your thoughts, even your deciding. My dear friend, you can choose a new way to experience and do Christmas. Make it your B*^%*. smile.

Decide here and now that, no matter what, you will find and create hope for yourself – after all, it is what Jesus was born for… HOPE.

Choose to lean in to the Prince of Peace and rest in the peace He has brought for you – despite your current situation.

Did you know there were people who went through Nazi prison camps and kept their hope? Did you know there are people who have lost loved ones and learned how to live abundant lives on the other side of grief?

(I don’t say this as a comparison of what you are going through because your life is unique and there is no comparison to another. I DO say this – so that you can see the hope. If another human has been able to do it, it is possible for you.)

There is yet joy to be had, hope to be found, and life to be lived. You CAN do it. How do I know this? Because Jesus came for THIS – hope, joy, and peace… LIFE and LIFE ABUNDANT. It is available. The key is in you. I mean IN you. You who believe in Jesus – HE is IN you. His hope and joy and peace are in you. Immanuel.

Christmas is in you.

Let go of the stuff, hold on to the Christmas. How? Philippians 4:4-8 has an excellent list for you. If you will follow that list, you will find your way. And be thankful – full of praise. It may be the smallest thing you have to be thankful for – but be thankful with all your heart and worship Father for that one tiny thing.

You will see Christmas start coming out of you.

Sending you so much love! Make this your best Christmas ever! Let it flow from inside out.

One last thing – consider starting one new tradition. Not a busy one – one you will love – something simple.

Merry Christmas to us one and all.

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