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Becoming Like Children

Children – free, happy, light. Adults – burdened, overwhelmed, anxious. Seems like there’s something to be learned here. I believe the answers are found in you and me learning to become childlike.

What does this look like?

A child trusts; trusts that they will not be hungry, trusts they will have all they need when they need it, trusts without even thinking they need to trust. It’s in-born. This is the ‘ideal’ – to get to the place that it trust is so in us, it just happens.

The question is, HOW? How do I just let trust be my first response and my natural reaction?

It can be done. It takes some small intentions. We’re talking about a change of mind and an established heart. If we want this, we can have it.

Here are a few first steps:

1. Find promises that belong to you. If you don’t know where to find them, I would suggest looking in the New Testament. If you need to Google “promises in scripture," you will find there are lists of verses that give promises that belong to you, if you believe in Jesus).

2. ‘Pretend’ (we are acting like children after all) like the promise is true. Actually believe in your head and your heart the promise was given TO YOU, FOR YOU, and it is true. Side note: I understand it may not feel true, and it will be a process. But begin to agree with it and believe it belongs to you – even if you don’t feel it or see it.

3. Be patient. Sometimes it takes time for a promise to become salient in real life.

4. Be a child. Don’t overanalyze, don’t second guess, don’t judge, just trust. This may be the hardest part.

5. If you press in to it, persist a bit, you will find it CAN be your natural reaction – TRUST.

Final note: If you want to talk more about this please email or message me. I know it’s not always so simple, but I also know you can see it come to pass for you. All it requires…just the tiniest bit of faith. AKA – Trust.

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