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Alice in Wonderland

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

December – a time of wonder and magic and love… A perfect time to talk about Alice in Wonderland. Heehee, stay with me.

I love this story. My life has been changed by this story. Don’t mock me – yet. This blog is going to be sharing how it has changed my life and the following blog(s) will be about specific pieces and parts of the movie. Side note: I will be talking specifically about the most recent version of the movie, Johnny Depp, 2010.

Alice begins in her normal world having a normal life when she is distracted by a smartly vested rabbit carrying a pocket watch mumbling non-stop, “I’m late, I’m late…” The distraction is so strong she follows him, trips and falls down the rabbit hole. Her life is radically changed and she is forced to learn things she never before needed to know. She is not simply rescued. Alice must live this new life, find her purpose, and not give worry or time to where this is leading, why this is happening, or how to make it stop. She must simply live this new life.

Now…I loved this movie from the beginning, however, after a tragic event in my life it spoke more to me than I can possibly begin to explain. I was living life and loving life – enjoying every part of it – I had all I could want, at least, that’s how I felt. Tragedy struck. I fell down a rabbit hole, completely unaware of what was happening. The tragedy was the loss of my best friend. We had dreamed of growing old, being crazy old ladies, and ministering through speaking and song together. Suddenly this was gone. I found myself in a whole new world that I had to learn how to navigate. There were new rules, new things to understand, new characters to meet, and new goals laid before me.

After Brooke Ingalls Steyaert died in 2012 and I was struggling to just survive the loss I heard Father (God) say to me, “I want to watch a movie with you.” My thoughts: What? That’s weird. My reply: a questioning “oookk?” And the next thing He said, “I want to watch Alice in Wonderland with you and I want you to take notes.” Laughing was not easily come by at this point in my life, but He had made me laugh with such a seemingly silly request. “Ok”, I said, “Weird, but ok.”

I went to McDonalds, (this was before my revelation on healthy eating – don’t judge me. *smile*) I got my food, and I sat down with my computer, pen and paper in hand, and it began…

Father spoke to me over and over again and still is. I am still learning my identity through His Word, His words, and this movie. He uses lots of things to speak to us if we can simply open our hearts.

I will share more in my next blog but this is one phrase in the movie that still speaks to me…

“Are you the right Alice?”

What I want to leave you with is that very question. Are you the right _________? (Put your name or your nickname in that line.) Are you the one who can do what you’re called to? Are you the right _____ so that you can win the current battle you’re facing? Are you the one who is meant to impact your child, your spouse, your friend?

Are you the right Alice?

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