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Adventure and Intimacy

NEW. Every year, NEW YEAR, we focus on it, we talk about it. January is one of the biggest months for companies like Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, 24 hour Fitness, Crossfit Gyms, etc…. WHY? Because it is seen as a new year, a chance for new life, for growth, for a new body, for dieting, for strengthening, for creating the life you want.

So, of course, I chose to focus on the new year and what we could create.

YOUR HEART, my friend, can be the fertile ground in which to plant and change and LITERALLY create NEW LIFE. YOU are strong and capable and able – even if you don’t FEEL like it right this moment.

“Indeed, if we reflect back on the journey of our heart, the Romance has most often come to us in the form of two deep desires: the longing for adventure that requires something of us, and the desire for intimacy – to have someone truly know us for ourselves, while at the same time inviting us to know them in the naked and discovering way lovers come to know each other on the marriage bed.” The Sacred Romance Brent Curtis and John Eldredge

We LONG for adventure and intimacy. This is the root of everything you desire. Your heart is calling for you. Your Father is calling for YOU...Asking if you will pause long enough to HEAR and RESPOND. He is hungry and no amount of stuff, money, or time will give your heart what it is crying out for. The only way to fulfill the deep desires and longings of the heart is to take its outstretched hand and hold tight. The path will be adventurous, crazy, romantic, and fun. But it will require you to say no to many distractions. You and your heart can create a new way of living.

Guard your heart, for it is the spring of life. Or hide it, quiet it, dismiss it, ignore it – and see what happens. One thing is sure! We are a powerful people, a people of choice, a people who create, just like our Father did. You get to choose. Create or don’t. Guard your heart and let it lead, or don’t. But one thing I ask – if you choose to “Don’t” – don’t whine about the direction your life is going.

Life is full and rich and good and YOUR HEART wants more for you than you even begin to imagine. Listen to it, hold its’ hand, and you will find intimacy and adventure! You will find LIFE!

I love you, my friend, I simply want you to know YOU CAN CREATE YOUR 2019. AND IT CAN BE GOOD.

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