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Feeling excited about this God-given phenomenon called LIFE.

How does this strike you? Perhaps it feels more like, “What?! I’m struggling to survive and you’re calling it enchanting?!” or, “Seems like a slow death more than LIFE”. Maybe your perspective is more along the lines of just surviving in a robotic form, going through the motions and attempting to keep your schedule together. So many of us are unaware, much less intentional on how we do life. Even true more-so if you are married with kids and two of you working full time jobs, taking kids to every sporting event and concert at school, keeping up with volunteering at some amazing place, trying to keep yourself in shape, annnddd….working to have home-cooked meals for your family. I expect most of you feel less than Enchanted….Called…or Living. Your list becomes the god and you see no other way to do the craziness which is your life.

“Where is the vibrant, mad fury and passion of the fully engaged human? Where are the people burning with charisma and joy and magnetism?” – Brendon Burchard, The Motivations Manifesto

It is possible my friend. You CAN. There is possibility for you. There is possibility for me.

Recently I spoke to a group of women and told them, “It is my job to push you, to unsettle you.” If my speaking does not force a shift in those I speak to I have wasted my breath. I WANT to annoy, and push buttons, and unsettle. The same is true in writing. So I hope this frustrates you. I hope you feel annoyed that I would have the audacity to tell you, “You CAN. You can change your life, take control of yourself and your schedule and burn with tenacity and grace in the breathing phenomenon called LIFE.” You CAN be intentional, purposed, called and embrace every single day. YOU can be one of the vibrant, passionate, engaged humans.


This will require something of you. The reality is – this is the part people don’t want to hear and don’t want to do. This word responsibility is like saying some horrible human slur to some. People want things handed to them; they want to be lucky; they want miracles; they want to win the lottery. But they don’t want to choose or be responsible for anything.

You ARE choosing….whether you know it or not or like it or not. Reality is this: You have, right now, exactly what you want in life. (Annoyed yet?) Maybe you didn’t think about choosing what you have but your thoughts and heart desires have given you what you communicated, perhaps unconsciously, yet – they are yours now.

The question is this: what DO you want NOW? You can change what you currently have.

Do this: make a list of what you have and what you want. Look at where and how they differ. THEN make a conscious, intentional choice of what to change. Start with one step. Don’t be overwhelmed.

Consider.... Do I want to be intentional and choose or am I willing to continue choosing in an oblivious fashion and take what comes? If you are intentional and choosing something different you will experience change. If you choose not to choose you will have more of the same.

If you want different and choose different and nothing changes, you’ll need to go a bit deeper to some of your heart beliefs. If you need help with that, feel free to contact me. I’d love to help you. (If this is you, mention this article and the word “LIFE” and you will receive a free initial call or meeting).

You CAN find passion again to LIVE. It IS possible. I’m here to give you hope….don’t become the zombie next door. smile.

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